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Monthly candy and care package subscriptions

Order by the 17th to receive this month's subscription box.

Triple C Snack Box Subscription

Get your junk food fix with this subscription box filled with cookies, candy, chips (35 item count).

Grab It & Go Care Package Subscription

Our "Grab It & Go" care package makes breakfast a little easier on those mornings when time is a factor. Filled with 21 breakfast snacks to satisfy morning hunger pangs, this care package is ideal for college students with 8 AM classes after a long night of studying.

Sweet 'N Salty Care Package Subscription

Our sweet 'n salty care package is full of sweet treats and salty pleasures. This monthly package will include 21 items.

Motivational Stimulus Care Package Subscription

Motivational stimulus care packages are designed to encourage and uplift. Every month you will receive a care package containing at least 25 items and each stimulus care package features an inspirational message printed on card stock and enclosed with your care package. Send someone you love a little encouragement today.

Candy Tray Subscription

Receive 2 lbs. of assorted candy presented in a clear plastic tray tied with a bow. Contents of candy tray will vary from month to month. Candy trays will contain seasonal candy during holiday months.