No matter where they are, no matter how far...

Send a little love from far away with a care package or candy gift from Hyperbellies.  We sample the best tasting snacks on the market and we understand that quality is important when it comes to gifting food products.  Established in 2012, we began selling our products on online auction sites and marketplaces in February 2013.  We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on the art of building a great care package. From simple snacks to gourmet delights, we work hard to create eye pleasing packages that will delight and excite.   Come shop with us.  We've got a package that's right for you.


How it all started

Hyperbellies was created by a stay at home mom who was sending her first child off to college and wanted to make sure that she stayed encouraged and excited about her education.  After shipping her daughter that first care package, she got the idea to become a "surrogate mom" for all those mothers who wanted to send their college students care packages, but just didn't have the time due to busy careers.  And thus Hyperbellies (excited bellies) was born.

In the beginning...  

We wanted to re-define the idea of the traditional gift basket and began selling seasonal gift baskets on eBay in February 2013.  Shortly after realizing that this task might be a bit ambitious for start-up new to the game, we noticed a hole in the gifting industry for care packages and redirected our focus.  We sold our first care package on eBay and business took off.

We offered very personalized packages and took great pride and pleasure in creating very special and unique packages that we shipped all over the world. The "healthy eating" initiative created a few hiccups along the way and as is necessary with all good businesses, we had to make the adjustment.

Where we are today...


As competition began to arise and marketplace rules were becoming more and more customer driven, we transformed our pre-packaged care package business into a subscription-based business in the fall of 2016. We felt that this allowed us greater freedom of selection and it allowed us to bring you treats that may only be available seasonally or in limited quantities. The response has been positive.

Although Hyperbellies still offers those snack packages that contain those great American snacks that we love to hate, we offer a selection of care packages for those that prefer a healthier option as well. We have teamed up with a Plexus representative to offer three (3) new Weight Control care packages.

Ready To Give Us A Try?

We are committed to providing excellence in our products and our customer service.  Subscription boxes will be shipped according to our subscription box schedule.  We taste every product we sell and never ship an expired product.  So, we invite you to explore our website and shop with confidence. 

Hyperbellies BBB Business Review